Glorious Flowers

Forward Flowers
Orchids In Shades Of GreenThe lovely combination of green cymbidium orchids and fresh fruits, makes this arrangement both lovely and subdued. The perfect complement to any room or office. Includes Chinaberries, chrysanthemums, hypericum and orchids, along with limes, artichokes and figs in a matching vase.
Lavender Phalaenopsis OrchidA lovely lavender orchid is the perfect choice to send for any occasion. So send it, and you'll really send that special someone something special.
Rare OrchidsThese exceptional Mistine Dendrobium Orchids, in soft shades of purple and white, are known for their endurance and rare beauty.Vase may vary.
Phalaenopsis Orchid PlantWith its understated elegance, this gorgeous white orchid plant is a long-lasting choice. Perfect for anniversaries or special occasions.
Purple Dendrobium OrchidsThe star of the show will be these graceful and elegant 10 Purple Dendrobium Orchids. Also included are a quality message card, floral preservative and flower care information. Flowers come elegantly wrapped in a decorative sleeve and are hand packed in an attractive gift box.
AglaonemaThis lovely indoor green plant says "Welcome" in a big way, and you'll get a big thank you when you send it. Also known as Chinese Evergreen.One Aglaonema plant arrives in a garden planter. Approx. 26" W x 24" H (Substitution may occur if product is unavailable)

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