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Forward Flowers
Lucky Bamboo In A Designed Pot Sale! $8 offSale! $ 8 off! To display your lucky bamboo, secure the canes in the decorative rock and fill the container with water. Lucky Bamboo contains 5 stalks, 4-6"in height with a decorative container and rocks. Personalized message card and care information are included.
Golden Gate FicusSale! $10 offThe Ficus Specimen Bonsai is a great gift for the home or office. Imported from China this 4 year old Golden Gate Ficus is an indoor bonsai and stands approximately 6 to 8 inches tall, hand-wired to create a beautifully swirled trunk. A personalized message card and care information are included.
Garden Dish - LargeThis impressive garden of indoor plants will be a warm welcome to any home or office. And you'll get glowing reviews for sending it. croton, ivy, pothos and syngonium plants arrive together in a wicker basket with handle.
Natures TouchThis dish garden full of beautiful plants makes anything but a small impression on whoever receives it. Perfect for home or office.
Spathiphyllum PlantCelebrating or giving thanks? This decorative plant with its lovely flowers and shiny leaves will make the glory last. Perfect for home or office.
Parlor PalmThis plant enjoys indirect light, making it perfect for most indoor settings. With its impressive height and many stalks, it's perfect for more places than just the parlor.Dimensions: Approx. 23" W x 30" H
CrotonThis traditional gift plant is easy to care for and looks wonderful in any environment.
AglaonemaThis lovely indoor green plant says "Welcome" in a big way, and you'll get a big thank you when you send it. Also known as Chinese Evergreen.One Aglaonema plant arrives in a garden planter. Approx. 26" W x 24" H (Substitution may occur if product is unavailable)

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